Heleentje Swart


From the first meetings to prepare for Learning for Tomorrow, I have been involved in the cooperative, first as a thinker, then as an active member, then for three years as a board member and now from my role on the Supervisory Board. I enjoy doing this because I believe in the power of connection and cooperation to achieve our goal: giving everyone the knowledge and skills to act sustainably.

I have contributed to learning for sustainable development from a variety of perspectives over the past 15 years. I have worked in the classroom, at the organizational level within one educational institution, and at the cross-organizational level with all levels of education in the region to make learning for sustainability issues normal in the 21st century. This resulted in international recognition: the educational program SPARK the Movement is connected to several European networks and to the UN-initiated RCE Network. I also developed several tools with varying consortia of researchers and educators, such as The Green Compass, the Whole School Approach to sustainability, the SPARK toolkit, etc.

On the Board of Trustees, I enjoy bringing my knowledge and expertise from the practical side of things-the student and teacher perspective-as well as the more abstract world of scientists and policy makers. Purposefulness, co-creation and resilience characterize my way of working.


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