Charlotte Mendes de León


My name is Charlotte Mendes de León, a political science and law student in Leiden and president of Students for Tomorrow (SvM). SvM strives to integrate sustainability into higher education and student life. We do this by encouraging collaboration between more than 40 member organizations, organizing various projects and we make our voice heard in discussions around the topics of sustainability and education on a local, national and international level. We collaborate a lot with other organizations; for example, we work with Learning for Tomorrow on the SustainaBul or studies such as the FutureProef.

The fact that on the one hand I am still in the middle of student life and on the other hand I can make change in the education I enjoy, I find a beautiful combination. The thought that I can improve not only my own education, but especially that of future generations, motivates me to do this work. After all, education is the foundation of our future planet, which I want to continue to protect at all costs. So that outside, while cycling or running, I can continue to enjoy the beautiful nature.

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