Kick-off meeting SustainaBul MBO

The SustainaBul MBO is a network of schools trying to achieve further sustainability in MBO education. They do this through knowledge sharing and collaboration in various meetings. The SustainaBul is based on the Whole School Approach to sustainable development and the peer consultation therefore takes place around the themes of education, practice, operations and their integral approach.

The kick-off meeting of the Sustainabul MBO took place on March 20, 2023. Those involved from 19 different MBO institutions were present to jointly work on sustainable development in education through peer consultation. At this meeting, we got to know each other and discussed the approach for the SustainaBul MBO 2023.

One of the questions asked in the introduction round was what inspires participants to work on sustainability in college education. One of the inspiring examples shared was the story of a student who, during his internship, conducted a study on sustainability for an internship company. This research resulted in a report with concrete improvement proposals and a business case. In addition, several participants expressed a desire to work on preparing young people for the future, sustainable society and thus make an impact on the world.

Continued development in 2023
The meeting also addressed the further development of the Sustainabul MBO. The format and questionnaire have been refined. Input from the network was used for this, which was collected earlier in the year. This year, for example, points were awarded for a number of integral questions and questions were added about pedagogy & didactics and diversity and inclusiveness policy in operations. Also, the narrative of the methodology was modified to place more emphasis on the collaborative network of schools rather than the competition between them.

The questionnaire is based on the Whole School Approach to sustainable development, which is reflected in its structure and scoring, among other things. This provides guidance for schools to work integrally on sustainability. This year, for the first time, the Sustainabul MBO works with three categories. This makes it valuable for all schools, no matter where you are in the transition, to participate in the ranking. The categories in which institutions can participate in the ranking are:

  1. Kickstarters
  2. Accelerators
  3. Leaders

Knowledge meetings
During the knowledge meetings to follow, the goal is to exchange inspiring examples, knowledge and experiences. Thought has been given to how we can really learn from each other and move forward together. To achieve this, during the meetings a good practice will first be shared by one of the institutions and then a case will be discussed using an intervision method.

With the kick-off meeting of the Sustainabul MBO, we get back to work shaping learning for sustainable development in the Netherlands. By working together and sharing knowledge, we with the mbo can contribute to a sustainable future!

Stay tuned!
Do you also want to take sustainable steps at your school? Join the SustainaBul MBO network via the website or contact project manager Roos Wemmenhove. Stay informed about learning for sustainable development in the mbo? Sign up for the network MBO for Tomorrow!

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