SDG song by students of The Herman Brood Academy

In the coming weeks, we will be listing the best sustainable examples from the mbo. All these Good Practices come from the SustainaBul MBO, a ranking for sustainability in the mbo. This time it's the Herman Bread Academy with a self-written SDG song.

'Keep doing the right thing' is the title of the song which several students from The Herman Brood Academy wrote. The accompanying video clip was recorded in Kanaleneiland, the district where the school is located. In the district the Utrecht energy transition is currently taking place. Therefore, in the clip you can see a solar panel bicycle, which symbolizes the new clean energy in the district.

Music can inform people, the students noticed during the shooting of the clip. The students explained to passers-by what they were doing and received many positive reactions. The goal the students have with the song is therefore clear: it should give new energy to work together on a bright future!

Listen here The whole song!

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