Week of Economics Education

The Week of Economics Education will take place from November 20 to 24, 2023 and is the national week in which education professionals vo, mbo, hbo and wo will find inspiration and tools in future-proofing their economics education.  

New economic thinking must permeate economics education in high schools, colleges and universities. This call sounds from students, teachers and the business community. In this way, they want education to be better aligned with today's professional field and society, and with what is needed for the future. Already many educational institutions are heeding this call, taking initiative to enrich economics education. In order to introduce other education professionals to these initiatives, we are organizing Leren voor Morgen, The Green Brain and Our New Economy with support from the Goldschmeding Foudation Economy Education Week. This week will take place from November 20 to 24, 2023. It is the national week where education professionals will find inspiration and tools in future-proofing their economics education.  

The importance of future-proof economy education
Economics is a science in flux. Many recent views of economics break with the idea that the economy consists only of actors driven by self-interest and focused on wealth growth. In doing so, they give space to factors such as common interests and focus on welfare. By making these frameworks and theories part of economics education, pupils and students gain a broad, multidimensional view of the economy, and connect more easily to the reality of society and the field of work today and tomorrow.

During the first Week of Economics Education - organized in November 2022 - many teachers indicated that they see it as the essence of their profession to nurture students and pupils with a broad perspective. At the same time, they indicated that in the midst of daily teaching practice and within the existing curriculum, it is difficult to find space to enrich economics education. They asked for examples, tools and inspiration that would help in this regard, and found them during the Week of Economics Education.

Week of Economics Education - Nov. 20 to 24
Many initiatives are already emerging at various high schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities to enrich - within national frameworks - economics education with broader economic theory. These initiatives are given a stage during the week, offering inspiration and tools for others to apply in their own teaching practices. In this way, the Week of Economics Education offers a substantive program for and by teachers, who together look at how to make more room in economics education for new economic thinking frameworks.

Want to know more?
View the Economics Education Week website for more information, inspiration and for the calendar.

Our New Economy
Het Groene Brein


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