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Good Practice
Profile Green & Recycle Street

Approximately 50% to 60% of elementary school students attend preparatory secondary vocational education. The vmbo takes four years and consists of so-called learning pathways. These are routes that students follow after the junior year (the first two years). In the superstructure (the third and fourth classes), in addition to the general subjects, you are taught the Green profile. Within Profile Green there is plenty of time and attention for working with flowers and plants, animals, food and technology. Together with your mentor you can see what you like and what you are good at. This is called 'Green World Orientation'. It prepares you for the Green profile in the superstructure.

In addition, a recycling street has been set up where students can get free materials to complete assignments. If students want to work with new materials, they pay for them with fake money at the reception desk. They always get just too little budget to complete an assignment completely with only new materials, so they always use the recycling street. This reception is run by students, where they learn through play and interact among themselves.

This good practice won the 2022 Do A Good Thing Award!
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