Call from young people for more sustainable education

Make us resilient to climate change! That is the call that youth organization Climate in the Classroom makes with their manifesto. The aim of the manifesto is to pay more attention to sustainable development in the curriculum. Leren voor Morgen supports this call.

Climate in the Classroom advocates the following changes within the Curriculum:

1. The new curriculum should prepare us for the future - The new statutory curriculum should go into effect as soon as possible and then grow continuously with current developments in climate change and sustainable development.

2. Allow students to have a say in what they learn - Students need to be involved in the composition of the curriculum that determines their learning. Our survey does show that students want more of a say, so we need to give it to them!

3. Give teachers the space and tools - Teachers should be given more freedom and facilities to improve their (climate) lessons. In addition, climate education needs to become more cross-curricular, as the climate crisis is too complex to be viewed only from the perspective of a few subjects

4. No fossil influence on climate education - Climate education must be developed and delivered objectively. This requires a complete withdrawal of polluting companies from the education system, as these companies have too much influence on both the development and implementation of education

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