Training for pilots Homo Florens sought!

The higher economic student becomes more and more selfish as the study progresses and starts thinking less and less about his or her fellow man' (Economics Education and Greed Long Wang, Deepak Malhotra, and J. Keith Murnighan) That doesn't sound good does it? At a fundamental level, this has to do with the view of man from which much is still taught: the Homo Economicus. This man is a rational being who constantly strives for material growth and his own gain.

What would happen if we filled in our lessons from a different view of man, one that is complementary to Homo Economicus? This is what more and more HEO teachers are doing. In the project Homo Florens in Higher Economics Education we deal with human motivations using Homo Florens (the flourishing human) as a starting point. This view of man offers students a perspective of an economy in which man flourishes in relation to others and his environment.

We are still looking for HEO courses that want to run a pilot from the Homo Florens view of man for the second semester of this school year. Currently, we are already running great pilots within the project's learning community at: De Haagse Hogeschool / The Hague University of Applied Sciences | Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (CHE). | Inholland University of Applied Sciences and Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Are you interested in starting a pilot or joining the knowledge network? Please contact Peter Luijten. Click here for more information or read the white paper.

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