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Do you think it is important to pay attention to nature, climate and social sustainability in your lessons? And do you have the desire to share lesson ideas and inspiration with fellow teachers from other schools?

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Next meeting:
Wednesday, May 24, 3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Online, via Zoom
Theme: Vegetable gardening at school: how do you do it?

By sowing, tending and harvesting fruits and vegetables themselves, students can playfully develop involvement with food and nature. In the vegetable garden, children help each other and learn about biodiversity, natural cycles and the influence of weather and climate, among other things. The effects on well-being have been extensively researched: pupils are outside and in motion, and vegetable gardening appeals to their patience and sense of responsibility.

The introduction to this meeting will be provided by an experienced vegetable garden teacher. Then - as at every meeting - we will exchange plenty of teaching ideas with each other. With the help of the Whole School Approach we show how you as a school can give vegetable gardening a structural place in your education. Several colleagues from the Alliance School Gardens will join to share tips and examples.

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The event is part of School Garden Week. Here read what else you can do with your class this week.

We organize an online meeting every 2 months. In between, we sometimes organize on-site activities. The themes are chosen by the teachers themselves, by mutual agreement.


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