Mental Health Radio

In the coming weeks, we will be listing the best sustainable examples from the mbo. All these Good Practices come from the SustainaBul MBO, a ranking for sustainability in the mbo. This time the Mediacollege Amsterdam with their Mental Health radio.

The corona pandemic has a huge impact on the mental health of young people. In order to make this issue negotiable, the Media College Amsterdam the Mental Health Alert Week. Students made a week of live radio on a variety of topics related to mental health: depression, substance abuse, the importance of exercise, stress and budget coaching. This was a collaboration between staff from the care pathway office, the Ma Frontrunners (the sustainability student team) and the Media Manager and Media Editor courses. The main goal of the broadcasts was to make mental health issues more open for discussion and to lower the threshold for asking for help, both inside and outside the school. With personal stories from students, tips from professionals and of course music that fits these topics.

Students were invited to participate in the radio broadcasts and share their personal stories. There was a massive response and sharing of experiences, listening provided recognition and acknowledgement. Another Mental Health Alert Week is already scheduled for this school year.

Last Friday, Mediacollege won the SustainaBul MBO public award for Mental Health radio. The entire award ceremony is here REVIEW.


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