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Energy Transition Masterclass

The Energy Transition master classes give upper secondary school students and intermediate vocational students an overview of the challenges, dilemmas and solutions for energy transition in one day.

Cross-curricular theme; energy transition explained and challenged

Energy transition is a relatively new topic in secondary schools that, due to its many facets, does not yet have a clear place within the curriculum. Darel Education is a non-profit initiative to create social support for the energy transition We offer secondary schools a fully organized Energy Transition Masterclass for a modest fee, where small groups of students get an overview of challenges, dilemmas and possible solutions in one day.

Interactive components of the master class

  • overview of our current energy system
  • the climate issue and the need & urgency for energy transition
  • interactive thinking about possible technical solutions
  • online research assignments
  • role-play with debate on stakeholders, dilemmas and challenges
  • escaperoom game, the Climate Clock, where not the time is ticking but the carbon budget
  • simulation game "Switch City," a dynamic board game for the classroom
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