Teaching Program Green & Energy

In the spring of 2022, the Technotrend Foundation on 6 elementary school in Utrecht-Overvecht the teaching program Green & Energy. This is a series of lessons about cycles in nature, climate and CO2, energy and renewable energy. Each school can make its own selection from the program, so that the program fits nicely into the regular curriculum.

Nature as a school of learning
In this program, students learn how plants spread their seeds and how new plants grow from these seeds. Of course it is also about the seasons and how in autumn all kinds of (soil) animals clean up the waste of trees and plants. In the lessons we also talk about how animals insulate themselves from the cold with feathers and fur. Here we make the link with how we as humans try to insulate ourselves, with clothing or by how we maintain our homes.

The students will experiment with purifying water and generating energy. In this way they learn a lot in a playful way and they learn that it is important to take good care of nature. Many schools also choose the lesson where we put this directly into practice with each other: cleaning up garbage together in the neighborhood and around the school.

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