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Leiden first municipality to join Learning for Tomorrow cooperative

On Wednesday, June 19, the Municipality of Leiden joined Cooperation Learning for Tomorrow, as the first municipality in the Netherlands. At the farewell symposium of Marian Kathmann, who is retiring after years of dedication to nature and sustainability education in Leiden, alderman Abdelhaq Jermoumi (Equity, Youth and Education), Ellie van Geest (director of the Faculty of Education at Leiden University of Applied Sciences on behalf of the Leiden Education Fieldlab) and Giuseppe van der Helm (director-director of Leren voor Morgen) signed the declaration of intent with which the municipality declares its willingness to work cooperatively on the mission of embedding sustainable development at the core of education.

Alderman Jermoumi indicated that sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word and in line with the Global Goals, is really important for everyone in Leiden. By joining in as a municipality, the city of Leiden sees opportunities to link education to sustainability initiatives and thus bring about real change.

The Leiden Education Fieldlab (LEF) plays a key role in connecting innovation and education within Leiden and will play an executive role in membership on behalf of the municipality. The LEF is a network with physical location where education professionals can innovate and research together. Nationally, the LEF is seen as a forerunner and source of inspiration in the area of collaboration for educational innovation. In particular, the knowledge exchange between what is happening locally and what is happening nationally is of great value to both the cooperative and the municipality of Leiden and all educational partners.

We look forward to a great membership and encourage other municipalities in the Netherlands to join as well!

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