Think Big Act Now

Our mission is to give people insights, inspiration and action perspectives to effectively contribute in their own roles to a sustainable, safe and happy world, for everyone, now and in the future. This is what we stand for.

What we do

We do this by giving people knowledge (objective and factual) and context on a global scale (Think Big) and showing what they can do as individuals to improve it (Act Now). We are curious, complete, scientific and understandable. We are open to collaborations. Together, you make more impact!

We provide insight into:

  • impact hotspots and demonstrate effective solutions and highlight the benefits of eco-positive choices. We do this in two closely related ways: First, we research how impact comes about and what we can best do about it. Research provides insights into problems and effective solutions. Then we develop communications about these insights with the goal of inspiring as many people as possible to become eco-positive.
  • deep systemic changes necessary for a safe, happy world on an intact planet, the Happy 2050 scenario

What we offer

We provide lectures, workshops, training and consulting to schools, businesses and organizations.

We create relevant teaching materials, positive in tone, in which we show/discover how things can be done differently and the benefits of effective sustainability in collaboration with the school and their environment (based on the books "The Hidden Impact" and "the Happy 2050 scenario" by Babette Porcelijn). The current lessons are for PO, but we want more!

Expertise in SDG

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