Plastic Soup Foundation

Plastic Soup Foundation is an environmental organization that works to prevent plastic waste from entering the water. They do this by tackling sources of the plastic soup, such as litter, microplastics in cosmetics and microfibers from synthetic clothing. They also run campaigns, support all kinds of research and smart solutions, and offer an education program for primary and secondary schools.

What we do

Education: Plastic Soup Foundation also focuses very specifically on children and young people, with playful and challenging teaching materials, exciting challenges and interesting guest lectures. The free teaching materials can be found at here.

Beat the Microbead: Did you know that there are also often invisible little plastic particles in the products you use? In your toothpaste, for example, and your shampoo? Bad for the environment and probably also for your health. That is why the Plastic Soup Foundation wants to ban these products as well.

World Cleanup Day is the largest global cleanup action of the year. Plastic Soup Foundation coordinates this day in the Netherlands. Each year 20 million people from 180 countries participate. Would you like to participate with your school or class? Then click on this link.

What we offer

Courses and teaching materials

Expertise in SDG

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