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Network GDO is a national association of 140 nature and sustainability centers (NDE), also called NME centers, which use the social tools to accelerate sustainable development at the local level. GDO sees as its mission to further develop and strengthen this network, where professionalization and quality assurance are important tasks. To this end, it facilitates knowledge sharing in the network, stimulates the organizational development of centers and represents the network to third parties.

What we do

By translating the sustainability policy (of governments) into action perspectives in the daily living, working and learning environment, centers are able to effectively stimulate a sustainable basic attitude in children (ecological basic education) and entice adults to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

The NDE centers have a strong working relationship with education at the local level. Sustainability education is thus gaining attention and feet in the educational system. GDO supports the centers to grow from provider to cooperation partner of education.

Network GDO supports its members with, among other things, a focus group on Educational Innovation, a focus group on SDGs, and a Development Fund (member funds for joint product development).

What we offer

Interviews, news articles, webinars, a network, teaching materials, teaching manuals and pilot projects

Expertise in SDG

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