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Koos the Koala is the idea of the sustainable startup Coalafied. Koos is the new green kids character that introduces children to big nature and climate themes in a playful way, without being too heavy. Koos the Koala wants to inform, inspire and activate. The mission of Koos is to create awareness about nature, animals and the climate.

What we do

Awareness is the first step to change. Children experience that with something very small they can already achieve something very big. For themselves, but also for everything around them. With his book, series, songs and theater show, Koos makes it clear that everyone is able to help the earth.

When Koos loses his house due to deforestation and starts looking for a new place to live, it is the beginning of a great and life-changing adventure. In the first interactive picture book 'Koos seeks a Home' you can read about the adventure of Koos.

In addition, the Koos de Koala Foundation was established to teach kids in elementary school about the climate. The interactive teaching package is all about getting kids to create an emotional connection with nature. With Koos we give nature a voice, feelings and a character.

What we offer

Physical events and teaching materials

Expertise in SDG

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