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What we do

General School East stands for: NATURAL! Atmosphere, collaboration and results.
With NATURAL we emphasize our experiential, green form of education and our green schoolyards. In addition, it expresses the natural way in which we give meaning to the words ' atmosphere, cooperation and results '.
Atmosphere, Collaboration and Results are deliberately in this order because one must first be optimal before the next has a chance. A special atmosphere and excellent cooperation both within the school and with all partners and external parties, contribute to optimal results for each individual child.

What we offer

- At our school, we teach live from nature.
- At our school, all students develop a broad personal frame of reference within our current society.
- At our school, school camps and musicals are a regular feature for everyone.
- At our school, students have an understanding of their own qualities.
- At our school, the Learning and Resilience principle is the guiding principle for everyone.

Expertise in SDG

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