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Good Practice
Pilot Bicycle Parking Terra Next

A group of students from the green course Terra Next will start in March 2021 with the realization of a circular and climate-adaptive bicycle shed at the Suikerterrein. This will involve the high-grade reuse of plastic waste. Students make a constructive climate-smart wall from blocks of waste plastic that we fill with substrate, an irrigation system and a robust plant mix. Rainwater storage makes the building self-sufficient. For the foundation, the municipality of Groningen donated discarded bricks from the Grote Markt. This bike shed is used as standard in the classes of students in the green education column.

We want to know the impact of every climate smart wall. To prove in practice what contribution we make to a sustainable world: circular and climate-adaptive. We do this by measuring a number of variables and linking the impact to the Global Goals. In order to demonstrably work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This good practice was awarded 3rd place at the mbo symposium ' Sustainable Thinking & Doing' for SDG 13!

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