The flag and the cargo

Every month, Leren voor Morgen publishes a review of something interesting for sustainable education. This month the brochure "The Flag and the Cargo" written by Katrien van Poeck and Jürgen Loones.

This brochure was written by colleagues from Flanders. The Flemish government, where both worked at the time, says the following about it: 'The publication is a vision forming reflection document on the concept of education for sustainable development. This concept is still evolving. The brochure aims to give teachers, educators, youth workers, ... a practical insight into the main principles of ESD. These principles were further elaborated on the basis of a number of 'reflection questions' that make the principles concrete. The document also contains numerous practical examples'.

By that 'vision-shaping' they mean that ESD (what we usually call 'sustainability education' or 'learning for sustainable development' here) includes six principles (see the brochure). These are not all new, which is why I only want to mention: 'ESD promotes systems thinking'. In education and teaching, there is a lot of focus on complex issues. And here, in my opinion, we have a good opportunity to apply the basic principles of systems thinking to the translation to the SDGs which are, after all, multidimensional. A course on this already exists, see here.

The second attraction of this brochure lies nmm in the presence of reflection questions, per ESD principle. To take another principle: value development. There we find (see again the brochure), as an example, also these, actual, reflection questions:

- How does the target audience learn to distinguish between factual knowledge and value-based opinions?
- Is the target audience encouraged to explore the values and interests behind opinions? How?

I would like to get in touch with LvM members who are interested in jointly setting up a course on such issues. For workers in education and teachers. Chris Maas Geesteranus (

    The flag and the cargo

    Katrien van Poeck and Jürgen Loones

    Flemish Government, Department of Environment, Nature and Energy

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