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The education map has been updated!

The education map is the tool for high school and college students who want to work with sustainability during their studies. The education map provides an overview of all subjects, minors and courses at the mbo, hbo and wo in the Netherlands where circular economy and energy transition is a theme. In addition, the map allows education professionals to discover how other educational institutions integrate these themes into their education.

In recent months, this education map has been updated to include all the new courses, minors and subjects that have been added in recent years. In this process, the focus on sustainability has been broadened. In previous years, the focus was only on courses related to the circular economy and energy transition. By focusing on improving the living environment, water management, biodiversity, ecology and sustainable development in addition to these themes, there is now a broader range of sustainability courses.

In addition, the education map has also been revamped: in fact, the map has moved to! From this new environment, we help students find an education with sustainable impact. For this we work closely with Students for Tomorrow. From May 29, all new bachelor and master programs can be found on The minors and degree programs from secondary school will also appear on here in the coming months.

Click here to discover all programs focused on sustainability, including more than 90 new undergraduate and graduate programs and more than 100 new minors.

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