Exploration Report of Circular Skills

What should students in the construction and installation sector learn in order to realize a sustainable, circular built environment in the future? How are work processes changing, what circular technology is emerging, and what competencies are required of professionals?

These questions guide a study by Leren voor Morgen and ISSO, Knowledge Institute for Construction and Installation Technology into the future of vocational education for a circular sector. After a thorough literature study, we talked to various experts in the field of circular building, development and installation. The result: an exploratory report highlighting 7 innovation trends that highlight what is changing in the transition to a circular sector and where vocational education is at risk of falling behind.

The research clearly shows that developing the right training is crucial in the transition to a circular economy. Circular professionals not only have knowledge of the latest technology, they are also agile, think systemically and work effectively with others. In addition to knowledge of raw materials, cycles and technical innovations, these kinds of skills are especially important. And you don't learn skills from a book: you learn them on the shop floor.

That is why, based on these insights, Leren voor Morgen is experimenting with new teaching methods, teaching materials, assignments and work placements in order to discover how students can shape the circular economy. We are also talking to companies to find out more about the skills that will be needed in the future and we are helping schools to develop a circular vision.

Do you want to know what circular construction and installation technology is all about? And the importance of the right education for the future of this sector? Then read the full report here.

This study is part of the Circular Skills programme of the Learning for Tomorrow cooperative. The aim of the programme is to identify and structurally anchor the skills needed for a circular economy in vocational education (vmbo, mbo and hbo). More information about this program can be found here. Would you like to stay informed? sign up on the Circular Skills newsletter!

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