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Online meeting teachers vmbo and practical education

Invitation for vmbo and practical education teachers 
Are you working as a teacher or school leader in vmbo or practical education? Join the conversation with colleagues from around the country and be inspired to practically design more sustainability in schools. 
The next meeting on Thursday, November 23 is dedicated to Economy Education Week and is about corporate social responsibility.
You can participate through the fixed zoom link. Registration is not required. Welcome!

In order for education to connect with professional practice, it is important for students to gain knowledge of new economic developments through life-like learning. How do we ensure this in cooperation with business?

We will discuss this with teachers and school leaders from vmbo and practical education from all over the country. We do this on the basis of the theme Corporate Social Responsibility. The introduction will be given by Nawfal Al Jeburi, teacher in sustainable entrepreneurship at Stanislas Pro in Rijswijk. Nawfal will take you through the project ReMode, an innovative educational concept in which students who have chosen the profile Economics and Entrepreneurship learn from real-life experiences in the fashion industry. How did this project come about and how is it experienced by the students and the business community?

After the introduction there will be room for participants to exchange ideas and experiences. Be inspired by numerous examples of how sustainable education is taking shape, so that you can apply this in your own education. Or share your experience so that others can apply it in their education.

On the third Thursday of the month between 3:15 and 4:15 pm:
  • May 25: Upcycling with Daan van Alkemade of |. A report of the meeting can be found here read
  • Sept. 21: Soil life, experiencing nature and the outdoor classroom with Jocelyn Janssen, Anna Vanderveen and Liedewij de Graaf | A report of the meeting follows
  • Nov. 23: special for Economics Education Week with Nawfal al Jeburi, teacher at Stanislas PrO in Rijswijk.
  • Jan. 18, 2024 topic follows

Cooperative Learning for Tomorrow supports the exchange of experiences around sustainable education in practice. On platform   come teachers and school leaders from vocational vmbo and practical education about it. Currently, there are  nearly 40 real-life stories on the map  who show How sustainable education takes shape in vocational VO. 
Circulating can be learned in vmbo and practical education
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Thu, 23 November 2023, 15:15 U - Sat September 23, 2023, 16:15 U


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