Circular Skills in Construction

circular skills in de bouw

Accelerating the circular transition requires skills that enable people to leverage innovations, set up new business processes, think from the interest of another or look beyond what is visible here and now. Developing such skills requires new forms of training. That is why IKcircuLEERSME and Circular Friesland | SPARK the Movement on behalf of the cooperative Learning for Tomorrow an inspiring Educational manual developed on circular skills in construction.

The education manual was created during four design sessions together with teachers, students and numerous other experts in the field of the circular transition, circular education and circular construction. The manual consists of inspiring portraits and practical stories, a roadmap for education, various work formats and numerous resources to take further practical steps.

The launch of this education manual marks the start of a collaborative search for the best ways to educate people for a circular economy, a circular society and a circular built environment. We continue to collect inspiring stories and develop tools, materials and networks to make education and construction fully circular.

The teaching manual is a publication of the Circular Skills programme of the Leren voor Morgen cooperative. In this programme Leren voor Morgen identifies the skills needed to realise the transition to a circular economy and works on educational innovation to embed these skills structurally in vocational education.

Circular Skills is commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and supported by the Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and the Economy. More information can be found here.

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